Velvet Delta Strait


Jade Willow
1 min readSep 5, 2021


Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

Got me feeling great
I might get ten
I might get eight
I might get a hit when it’s late
Cause these obligations
These obligations keep my mind far from straight

Trying to escape
To these northern lights
But the money
The responsibility
It keeps me in the fight

Losing my sanity
Is it worth it?
All the vanity?

I don’t know
Show me something else
That I don’t know
This is the way
Or is it?
Is this why I’ve always felt stuck in the gray?

These seven stones
They keep me planted
They keep me grounded
They keep me reminded of what’s important

Sometimes it’s love
Sometimes it’s hate
But I know at the end of the day
None of this shit will matter
It’s all for namesake
It’s all for gamesake
It’s all for them
It’s never for my sake

It’s feeling like my timin’
But really, I’m just rhymin’
To velvet
On that delta strait

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Jade Willow

Jade Willow enjoys writing eccentric poetry for her readers. She also enjoys cups of tea, books, comfy socks, and comfy chairs.