Grief Literature

Two Lanes: Reflections


Jade Willow
1 min readNov 5, 2021


Photo by Anisur Rahman on Unsplash

God gives us unlimited chances
But humans don’t do the same
There comes a limit where your constant rebellion becomes insane
And you inch closer to death

The warning signs are always there
But if you ignore them..
Your whole life falls to pieces
Every good move you make is now worth nothing
It’s all vain

Didn’t you believe us when we tried to save you?
Didn’t you hear us say…
Get off that path; you’re headed the wrong way
Listen to us or you will fall flat on your face

In one ear and out the other
No one could save you but yourself
We will always love you unconditionally
But you always wanted it your way

Our troubled hearts are bleeding out
Such a heavy toll you’ve taken on our lives

Sitting at your bedside watching your life wane
Did all of it ever make everything okay?

There are always two lanes
You chose yours, and now you’ve become cain

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Jade Willow

Jade Willow enjoys writing eccentric poetry for her readers. She also enjoys cups of tea, books, comfy socks, and comfy chairs.